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How to buy

In this section you will find all the information necessary to accede to articles and buy.


1.Find what I am looking for

2. To select the product

3. Choosing a delivery address

4. Delivery times

5. Delivery cost

6. Payment methods

7. Content and information provided in website




1. Find what I am looking for

As you will see in moto-action.com you have at your disposal different search systems to make navigating this website easier:

Quick search: use de field called quick search to enter a word relative with the product you are searching for. For Example: Hebo.

Search by brand: In the brand menú bar on the left side you can choose the brand that you want to check it's products.

When you will be on the page you are able to sort the products by price, name or date.

2. Select the product

To select the product clic on product details.
In the same details you will also find the buying tools:

The price which appears is with VAT included. If you are registered in the moto action shop it will add automatically the tax applied to your country.
To order a product you simply have to select the size and quantity you want. 

3. Delivery address

In the form section you will see that you can introduce a delivery address and one for the bill. This system is very convenient if you want to send a present to someone. In this case introduce the address where you want your present to be sent and a different billing address.

4. Delivery times

The delivery time will take ONE week.

The time is calculated over the working week (Mon-Fri) moto-action.com does not take orders on holidays, Saturdays or Sundays.

The delivery times are approximate. In the case where the product is no longer available or we are temporarily out of stock, we will inform and will give you a new arrival date or, when we cannot deliver the product, cancel it. In any case, a delay in the delivery times does not give the client any right to a refund.

5. Delivery costs

A domicilio

Delivery costs to Spain:

For orders whose cost is between 0 y 60 euros --------------------------------------- 8 euros.

For orders between 60 and 300 euros ------------------------------------------------- 12 euros.

For orders higher than 300 euros ------------------------------------------------------------ Free.


Delivery costs to Balearic Islands:

For orders whose cost is between 0 y 60 euros --------------------------------------- 10 euros.

For orders between 60 and 300 euros ------------------------------------------------- 12 euros.

For orders higher than 300 euros ------------------------------------------------------------ Free.

The delivery costs for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are:

For orders that are between 0 and 60 euros ------------------------------------------- 10 euros.

For orders higher than 60 euros ---------------------------------------------------------- 12 euros.

The orders sent to these areas will not have VAT applied to them. Moto-action.com will not take charge of taxes for the communities above.


Orders under 150€

Price: 27,53€
Tax: there is a % on applied on the order depending on the product type.

Orders over 150€

Price: 38,71€
Tax: there is a % on applied on the order depending on the product type.

International orders

deals with sending orders abroad. With those orders not destined to an EU country VAT is not applied. However, moto-action.com will not take charge of the taxes in the corresponding country in particular.

6. Payment methods

Payment by credit card (TPV “La Caixa”)

Once you have entered all the information about your purchase, a page will open in which you will have to decide on your payment method. Payment will be done using "La Caixa" TPV system, all your details will be sended in a private way to"La Caixa". Moto-action.com does not retain these details and therefore offers you higher security.

The charge is made at the moment you make your order. In the case where your order is out of stock or there is any other problem, we will return the cost back onto your credit card in a time no longer than 15 days from the start date.

Moto-action.com reserves the right to refuse any order made with a credit card. In this case we will return the money onto the original card.

7. Content and information provided in website 

moto-action.com reserves the right to change the offers in its website (changes with products, prices, promotions and other commercial and service conditions) at any moment.

Desde moto-action.com we try to offer that the information on the website is accurate and without typing errors. In the case that at any moment an error of this type is produced, it is totally accidental and motocard.com will immediately set about its correction.

If there is a typing error with one of the prices shown and a client had decided to buy it at that price, the client has the right to reject the purchase at no cost.